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French Ambassador: “Chile has indispensable mineral resources for the energy transition, such as copper and lithium”

Tuesday 28 de June del 2022

“Several French companies are already present in the energy production and mining services sectors”, said Pascal Teixeira Da Silva. The French ambassador to Chile, Pascal Teixeira Da Silva, spoke about mining potential, clean energies and France’s relationship with Chile. In an interview with El Mercurio de Antofagasta, Teixeira highlighted Chile’s potential for the development of green hydrogen and stressed that French companies are already present in Chile in the energy sector, such as Engie, EDF and Total. In this line, he said that “the Antofagasta Region is the best for the production of solar energy and therefore of green hydrogen”. “In addition to renewable energies, Chile has indispensable mineral resources for the energy transition, such as copper and lithium, of which it has one of the largest reserves in the world. Developing this resource is a fundamental challenge not only for Chile but also for the world, but it is essential that the extraction of lithium be friendly to the environment and local communities,” he added. Along these lines, he highlighted the work that French companies have done in the country (such as Eramet, Geolth and Adionics) for the extraction of lithium “in the best environmental conditions”, and said that “French companies are available to strengthen their cooperation with Chile”. Teixeira also highlighted the commitment of the Chilean political and business world to respect the environment, especially in terms of mining. “Both the ongoing political and constitutional reflections and the orientations of the companies show that this issue is taken very seriously in Chile,” he said. “In this framework of the close economic relationship between France and Chile, which is France’s third largest trading partner in Latin America, our companies are very committed to accompany Chile on this path,” he added. HyVolution Between June 28 and 30, 2023, the largest international hydrogen exhibition and congress, HyVolution, a meeting place for energy, industry and mobility in the hydrogen sector at the international level, will arrive for the first time in Chile. The fair will be held at the Metropolitan Santiago events center, where more than 100 exhibitors representing 15 countries will participate, bringing together in one place the supply and demand of the industry dedicated to the energy transition. It is estimated to receive more than 4 thousand visitors. The meeting will seek to encourage the energy transition, in particular green hydrogen, presenting the technological advances for the incorporation of this clean fuel in everyday life, the alternatives for the change of the current fossil fuel system for one based on renewable sources, and opportunities for international collaboration. It will also showcase the broad value chain in the areas of production, distribution, storage, services and solutions for the carbon-free market. Considered beyond a shift to conventional renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, hydrogen is presented as the best alternative to the transformation and evolution of energy sources, as it has combustion properties without greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, there is the possibility of implementing energy in a safe, cost-effective and reliable way when producing, storing, transporting and using. Source: Emol


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