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French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce Award:

GL events Chile wins the 2022 Sustainability Business Trophée

Friday 10 de March del 2023

The leading company in corporate events, exhibitions and international congresses, GL events Chile, which has a strong commitment to environmental care and community development, received this year, in the 22nd special edition of Corporate Responsibility of the French Week in Chile, the Business Trophy for Sustainability 2022, awarded by the French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce. This distinction of the French Chilean Chamber of Commerce went to GL events for its innovative DEX flooring solution, an ultra-resistant plastic slab for industrial use, manufactured in Chile with 100% recycled plastics. This recognition to GL events is due to the initiative generated by its subsidiary Tarpulin, which reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the use of carpets at fairs and events, and for the construction of temporary concrete slabs that have a negative impact on the environment. During 2022, this reusable flooring became the permanent solution at the events center, Parque Fisa, managed by GL events, which has 6 thousand m2 of DEX modular flooring in two of its trade fair pavilions. This was possible thanks to the recycling of 96 tons of plastic waste from Patagonia. During the past year, the floor was used by GL events in its construction fairs, Edifica, and in the return of the Fisa Fair. This 2023 it will be present at the end of April at Expomin, the most important mining event in Latin America. After receiving the recognition, the executive director of GL events Chile, Francisco Sotomayor, highlighted that “our company is breaking paradigms and we are firmly committed to sustainability. This is why we are committed to using this recycled flooring in our new Parque FISA exhibition center and in our next exhibitions in 2023”. While the general manager of Tarpulin, a subsidiary of GL events, Pablo Rosales, said that “sustainability and circular economy projects are collaborative and behind this project there are many relevant actors. Firstly, there is the company that generated plastic waste and was concerned about managing its collection and preferred to work with an operator that not only dumped it in landfills, but also tried to reinsert it in the market; secondly, there is the operator that bet on the business of recycling, shredding and pelletizing plastic waste. And the company DEX, which is a Chilean startup, decided to manufacture all its products with recycled plastics”. Regarding this recognition, the president of the French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, Emmanuel Riffaud, said that “this is an event that allows to highlight the best that the French-Chilean industry did in the country during the year 2022. It is always good to highlight the experience and knowledge that exists in the Chilean free trade ecosystem”. Finally, Riffaud highlighted that “we have been doing this for 138 years, becoming the first business chamber created in Latin America. We thank all the participants, and of course GL events. We are very motivated to keep moving forward and even stronger, to put up the colors of our flags, which are the same of France and Chile. The friendship that exists between the two countries goes back many years, and we are here to further develop this bilateral relationship”.


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