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Hyvolution 2023 ends with a high number of visitors: Meeting exceeded expectations and new version announced in 2024

Monday 3 de July del 2023

-The international green hydrogen exhibition and congress in Chile was held in Metropolitan Santiago. From the organization highlighted the International Congress of green hydrogen reaffirmed Chile’s strategic position and called on the ecosystem to act quickly. -The executive director of GL events Chile, Francisco Sotomayor, confirmed the next event for September 2024. Santiago, July 3, 2023 – The first meeting of green hydrogen, renewable energy and mobility that took place in Chile, Hyvolution 2023, organized by FISA, of the GL events Group and co-organized by the Chilean Hydrogen Association, H2 Chile, ended with a high attendance. Public authorities, representatives of the entire value chain, academia and civil society gathered for three days at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center reaching 3,876 visitors. During the event, the importance of speed was highlighted in order to take advantage of the window of opportunity that the country has to develop the industry and move towards a just energy transition. It was emphasized the importance of public-private and public-public collaboration to address challenges in terms of technology, infrastructure, land use planning and project materialization in order for the green hydrogen industry to consolidate. In the instance, the importance of advancing in an enabling regulatory framework for the industry was highlighted, to provide certainty to investors and developers; and it was highlighted how critical it is to implement the industry with the care of the environment, generating shared value with communities. In addition, a call was made to work and dialogue with transparency, thinking about the development of the sector. The executive director of GL events Chile, Francisco Sotomayor, said that “we are happy to have made this first version 2023, which brought together for the first time the national ecosystem, with important authorities and international representatives, delivering a unique meeting that sought to promote the development and innovation of green hydrogen, having Chile the best conditions to produce it”. He also indicated that “in the context of public policies, Hyvolution served as a showcase to disseminate the actions being developed by the Government to enable the industry and allowed to cover the entire value chain in the areas of production, distribution, storage, services and all solutions for the carbon-free energy market. These topics are the key to advancing the capabilities of the industry towards a more sustainable future”. Given the large participation of people, Sotomayor said “today we can affirm that Chile will be able to continue growing strongly and offer an important development at local and international level. This is why we want to announce the next version of Hyvolution Chile, which will be held between September 3 and 5, inviting everyone to participate in 2024”. Marcos Kulka, Executive Director of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, H2 Chile, said that “during these three days, it was demonstrated the interest that exists in Chile to develop the industry, various actors discussed the opportunity of Chile, the challenges and actions to be implemented to move towards a just transition. The numbers speak for themselves: 15 countries, more than 70 panelists and nearly four thousand attendees. We all gathered at Hyvolution with the same conviction: the urgency of the climate crisis challenges us to respond quickly. If we do it right, the country will be able to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, as projected by McKinsey”. He added that “as a guild we reinforce our commitment to work in coordination with all the key players in this ecosystem in order to position Chile as a leader in the industry, generating value for the territories and the community, and we invite you to the next version of Hyvolution 2024”. The international congress was attended by more than 71 speakers from America and Europe, both from the public and private sector, with great experience and expertise in the world of green hydrogen, renewable energy and mobility. Green hydrogen is currently one of the best options to achieve the international goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, because it can be produced from renewable sources, and can be used in various industries, such as mining, transportation, aquaculture, and logistics, among others. CARBON NEUTRAL EVENT In an effort to promote sustainability and care for the environment, and being FISA of the GL Group events aware of the climate urgency, the organization will offset the carbon footprint of the exhibition and congress to make it carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality is achieved when emissions are equal to zero and to achieve this, actions will be implemented to reduce, capture or offset the emissions made during the meeting of green hydrogen. For this FISA together with Colbún are working to compensate with carbon credits from the hydroelectric power plant “Quilleco” of Colbún, located in the commune of the same name, in the Biobío region. In this way, and through the neutralization of emissions from high exposure events such as Hyvolution Chile, progress is being made towards the goal of transforming Chile into a low-carbon economy.


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