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Minister of Transport highlights the start of Chile’s main maritime port meeting: Trans-Port 2022

Thursday 29 de September del 2022

The congress and international exhibition is being held for the first time in the Valparaíso Region. With the support of the Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Trans-Port 2022 began, the largest meeting of the maritime-port industry in Chile, which is being held for the first time in Valparaiso, specifically at the Puerto Valparaiso Passenger Terminal, and which this year presents a rich program with a focus on innovation. The meeting, which began on Tuesday, September 27 and ends on Thursday, September 29, is a space designed to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and to make international trends known. Likewise, it supports the relationship between companies, the dissemination of public policies, accelerate innovation processes, and encourage the generation of new business in the maritime-port industry, both nationally and internationally. “It is very important to have this event that brings together the public sector and port companies of our country, which have such a relevant role in national logistics, along with people working in the industry, in addition to representatives of foreign companies, who come especially to these activities and give it an international importance, with a focus on highlighting the best tactics in port matters,” said the Minister of Transport and honorary president of the event. In the new 2022 version, Trans-Port presents a complete program of international talks, linked to the present and future of the industry, which seeks to contribute to the economic development of the participating countries, providing solutions for the correct maritime-port operation. “It is key for our country to be able to unblock any restriction that prevents or limits the capacity to receive export cargo. In this sense, we are working with companies to improve their capacity. There are several works we are doing here, such as increasing the size of cargo capacity in the ports, improving the relationship between the port and the cities, encouraging concern for the environment, improving working conditions, among other issues, and this is the best place to address them in a comprehensive and robust manner,” Muñoz concluded. INAUGURATION With the presence of the general manager of Puerto Valparaíso, Franco Gandolfo; the vice-president of Puerto Valparaíso, Nicole Pastene; the president of Puerto San Antonio, Sally Bendersky; the general manager of Terminal Pacifico Sur, Oliver Weinreich; and the general manager of FISA, of the GL events Group, Francisco Sotomayor, the eighth version of the maritime port meeting was inaugurated, which was well attended. The event organized by FISA, of the GL events Group, will seek to boost trade, create jobs and contribute to the economic revival of the country through new businesses and the interconnection between the various areas of the maritime port sector, both nationally and internationally. The vice-president of Puerto Valparaíso, Nicole Pastene, pointed out that “we are going to share different experiences with more than 50 international exhibitors. Today we have the challenge of port expansion in Valparaiso, to increase our level of cargo transfer. Therefore, being able to share with international experience is fundamental for us, and also to be able to reactivate this meeting space that goes in harmony with the city and the development of our work”. Sally Bendersky, president of the Port of San Antonio, said that “Trans-Port means a boost to the development of the industry. All the people present here are linked to the maritime port ecosystem and have the possibility of meeting, requesting and exploring joint actions and business with the entire industry. This is not only a port operation”. FISA’s general manager, Francisco Sotomayor, added that “maritime port activity accounted for 93.1% of world trade in 2021. In the same year in Chile, taxes collected by foreign trade reached 31% of everything collected by the State, i.e., 1 out of every 3 pesos that the State spends, is largely contributed by this sector of the economy. These figures clearly reflect the importance of the maritime-port sector in our economy, and that is why today we are happy to carry out this new version of Trans-Port, which we hope will be a boost to the reactivation of the industry and mean a contribution to local and national economic development”. PANELS AND LECTURES Trans-Port started the international congress entitled “Driving the Next Generation Maritime-Port Industry”, which has 50 speakers from 10 countries in the Americas and Europe, with great experience and expertise in the field. In this new version, the congress has 6 panels spread over two days, where relevant topics for the industry are addressed, such as the next generation of decarbonization and transport infrastructures; the port and maritime supply chain; and hyperconnectivity and emerging technologies. Among the most prominent panels are: “Closing the circle of sustainability without giving up economic and social wealth”; “Smart integration of infrastructure, technology and processes to create a predictive, more efficient and productive logistics chain”; “Public policies driving next-generation ports”; “Ports as innovation ‘hubs’: an opportunity to trigger economic growth in the territory”; and “Operational standards and trainings as drivers of innovation.” It should be noted that between November 29 and December 2, the Valparaiso Passenger Terminal will soon host the Expo Naval 2022, the most important international exhibition and congress on maritime defense, which will be a boost for local economic activity.


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