Here you will find our press releases and recent coverage in the media. If you work in the press media and/or ministerial cabinets of communication teams or other institution related to our sectorial fairs, do not hesitate in contacting Rebeca Uribe, Director of Communications and Press of FISA, or Mario Estay, Press Journalist. Phones (56 2) – 25307232, 25307232, mails

Press Center

It is specially designed to make easier and more comfortable the work of journalists accredited in the different Fairs organized by FISA. It is properly habilitated with desks, computers each one with broadband internet, printers and phones. It is also complemented with proper dispensers for the distribution of magazines, publications, brochures, press releases and merchandising of the companies participating in the Fair.

Press Center Accreditation

Journalists and photographers interested in getting their access pass can be accredited for the fair online, entering through the banner “Press Accreditation” located in the home page of the respective web site and filling the requested data. The credential can be collected when entering a fair in the corresponding Press Registration Points. Those who choose to be accredited in the same Fair will have to present in the Press Registration Points the credential of the media in which they work. If employees, and for those that do not have any of these documents, they will have to provide a letter from the responsible of the media requesting the accreditation. In both cases it will be necessary to show an Identity Card.

They can apply for a press pass: journalists and photographers of communication media, conventional and electronic, TV, and Agency journalists, as well as permanent journalists of communication areas of the companies participating in the Fairs, and also external communication agencies that advise them.

The accreditation is not transferable. It does not extend to communication media staff belonging to the administrative, commercial and advertising areas.

With press accreditation you can:

 Access to the Press Center
 Press Dossier
• Free access to the exhibition and parallel activities such as Seminars, Conferences, Technical Talks, among others.