Ministers of Economy and Environment opened FULLplast

Authorities stressed the convergence occurring at the fair of the public, private and academic sectors for the development of a recycling industry for the benefit of all Chileans.

As the industrial–environmental epicenter of the country, where there are the major private companies and public institutions in-country and abroad, FULLplast 2015 was opened, attended by government officials, businessmen, universities and private sector associations, led by the Union Association of Industrial Plastics of Chile.

The fair that during the three days becomes a showcase for the exhibition of trend products worldwide is the space where international seminars are performed, held with experts in innovation, technology and recycling in addition to the business conference gathering the major players in the industry.

For the Minister of Economy, Luis Felipe Céspedes, FULLPlast is the meeting place between the private, public institutions and universities and where, "these three estates converge for developing a material that is recyclable and friendly pointing directly to benefit the country's development and quality of life for all Chileans".

For his part, Paul Badenier Minister of the Environment, acknowledged that the recycling industry contributes to the nation, "due to the economic impact and the benefits provided and that will be increased in future." He added that "the public has a concern for the environment and it is our mission as an authority to give a legal framework to speed the regulation."

In the opening, holders of both portfolios premiered last generation solar cars which were presented by the Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad de Concepcion and Universidad Andres Bello.

The new prototype that will run in the 2016 Atacama circuit belongs to the UDP, a hybrid with pedals that combines the human drive with an electric motor. It falls under the category of a velomobile which has great development in Europe because it is an alternative of sustainable mobility for short trips where somehow pedaling alongside the support of the electric motor allows to cover medium distances For Asipla General Manager, Mariela Formas, FULLplast was established as a supplier for highly engineered developer. "We want to show that the industry is an excellent platform for these technological developments involving sustainability."

The international fair organized by Fisa, the Plastic Industry Association (Asipla) and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, concludes this Friday, November 6. This year more than 6000 visitors are expected, in an exhibition that brings together all national and international companies of the plastics industry, with over 100 exhibitor providers which participate in various international seminars and discussion forums.

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