Agriculture Minister, Carlos Furche:

“I’m sure that Expo Food Process is opening a path and must be installed as a milestone”

A good start had the Expo Food Process 2015, after the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Furche, during a press point after the opening, highlighted the exhibition because it reflects the current state of the agricultural sector and the food industry.

“I’m sure that Expo Food Process is opening a road and this have to be installed as an annual milestone in the development of our food industry”, said the government official.

In this regard, Minister Furche emphasized the relevance of this exhibition, because “he is able to reflect the current state of the development of our agriculture sector and our food industry”.

“Note that we are facing a time of extraordinary opportunities, it is probably difficult to identify in recent years a time where a greater number of positive factors come together to give our agriculture sector huge capabilities of development in the years ahead. Anyone who looks objectively the scenario we face can reach the conclusion that there is a history of very solid basis to asses that we are in a period in which great opportunities are open for our sector”, explained the Minister.

Minister Furche also said that there is now an international demand for food that is destined to continue growing, with changes in consumer habits and demands made in the quality and safety of what is ingested. The authority in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture also highlighted the progress of the sector, which ceased to be agricultural to become a food production sector and “that makes a huge difference to the value of what we produce. Today we have an agricultural sector that if we look at the primary point view, represents a 2.5 or a little more of the Gross Domestic Product, but if we look from the point of view of aggregation back and forth represents over 10% of GDP”.

He stated that currently Chile has an agricultural and forestry sector that “definitely has long pants and that is why I think it is so significant what we are living today, because it allows to show that a long time ago the agriculture ceased to be a primary production sector and today is an integrated value chain of high sophistication and technological innovation”.

The authority of government claims that the country and, especially, the sector needs creativity, because “we cannot continue doing ever more of the same, we have made a successful path, we have tripled food exports in the last 10 years, from 5 billion to 16 billion and there are all the open conditions to double food exports for the next 10 years, but we need to be creative, promote what we do best”.

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