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Energy Minister says Hyvolution supports Chile’s leadership in green hydrogen

Thursday 29 de June del 2023

The Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, the president of H2 Chile, Hans Kulenkampff; the global CEO of GL events, Olivier Ferraton and the executive director of GL events Chile, Francisco Sotomayor, inaugurated today Hyvolution 2023, the international exhibition and congress of green hydrogen that for the first time takes place in Chile, coming from France where it already has six versions.

After the inauguration, which took place at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow emphasized the importance of promoting the development of green hydrogen by convening all actors and stressed that the realization of Hyvolution “is a sign, not only comes to Chile, but stays because next year this fair will also be repeated here. I believe it is a sign that in some way supports the leadership that we have taken as a country, not only this government, but also the previous government and the one before that. This is a State policy and I believe that this type of recognition shows us that we are on the right path in the way we are promoting public policies that facilitate the deployment of this industry”.

Similarly, Minister Pardow said that “this is a very important event. As you can see, there is a lot of interest, both in hydrogen manufacturing and its possible uses, and that is very good news. This means that the presentation of projects, which is very varied, includes both Antofagasta and Magallanes, but also the industrial poles of the Biobío and Valparaíso regions. They are beginning to materialize not only in projects that will take place in many years to come, but also in concrete things that are beginning to happen. This type of initiative is welcome and allows meetings like these to facilitate the exchange of information”.

The president of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, H2 Chile, Hans Kulenkampff, said that “it is necessary to evolve to a new concept: a double helix transition. And it is not only about achieving an energy transition, we must also move towards the transition of our raw materials: green copper, lithium, fertilizers, green steel, cement, e fuels, aluminum, among others. Both transitions are interdependent and require that we act today. With both, Chile will be able to move towards a new, more diversified and sustainable economy with a positive impact on the territories”.

Finally, he emphasized that “we are pioneers, the world is watching Chile. In order to reap the fruits of being pioneers we must address the risks we face for this reason, which are related to cost structure, temporality and competitiveness. Green hydrogen is not the future, it is the present and we are here to accelerate its development”.

For his part, the executive director of GL events Chile, noted that “our country has a high potential for the development of renewable energy, both in the north and south, with weather conditions and a competitive production of solar and wind energy, which allows us to project and aspire to become one of the world leaders in the green hydrogen market. We have an advantage to boost the green hydrogen industry in Chile. We are happy to promote more innovation projects, giving way to investment for the development of small, medium and large scale initiatives. It is an important economic growth opportunity that will help us move towards a more sustainable economy”.

The meeting comes to Santiago de Chile with the aim of bringing together in one place the local ecosystem with national and international actors for promotion, marketing, networking and strengthening, throughout its value chain, including production, storage, distribution, uses, technologies, technical and financial services, among others.

Hyvolution Chile is the meeting point for more than 4,000 executives and decision makers from participating companies, authorities, exhibitors and visitors, who in three days of activities can participate in the exhibition areas, international congress and networking areas, where the potential and applications of green hydrogen in our country and in the region are shown, strongly promoting its development.

The event has a wide participation from different countries such as: United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Netherlands.

International Congress
After the inauguration, the International Congress began with the “Governmental Policies Day”, the first panel that addressed the “National Strategy for Green Hydrogen: Chile and its territories”, with the participation of Jorge Flies, Governor of the Magallanes Region; Ricardo Diaz, Governor of the Antofagasta Region; and Cecilia Dastres, head of the Division of Participation and Community Relations, Ministry of Energy. This space covered the progress and willingness of the public sector to promote and encourage the growth of the industry related to H2v.

The day continued with panel 2 “Permitting and regulation in green hydrogen” and ended with panel 3 “Shared Infrastructure”. In these panels were presented the matters in which the State is working for the production of green hydrogen in the country, which go hand in hand with the “National Strategy for green hydrogen in Chile”.


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