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FISA History

FISA, a subsidiary of the National Society of Agriculture, SNA, held its first International Fair of Santiago -recognized worldwide-, in the early 1960s, and that throughout its history is distinguished by its multi-sector nature, achieving a great call for family groups, becoming a great event in which industrial and agricultural equipment were presented, through the latest technology of those years in electronics and automotive world news to home furnishings and crafts from around the world. Its latest version was carried out in 1998 due to the gradual change in economic conditions and trends in the country. According to market demands, and with the arrival of the new century, FISA entered a new phase, giving rise to technical and professional trade fairs, addressing the main productive areas of the country, such as mining (Expomin, as of 1990) construction, environment, water, defense, maritime transport, agriculture, viticulture, housing, health, energy and security, among others. The organization enhancement has enabled it to develop fairs throughout the country, internationally projecting itself to Argentina, through SITEVINITECH, and analyzing new markets in order to strengthen its globalization, becoming the leading fair organizer of Chile and one of the most important in Latin America. 2014 The 13th Expomin has historical figures, gathering nearly 100 thousand visitors, bringing together 1,641 exhibitors on a total area of 125 thousand square meters, reaching the 1,300 business meetings and overcoming the barrier of US $ 1,800 million in business. 2012 The process of internationalization of FISA gives a huge step with the successful completion of SITEVINITECH in Mendoza, Argentina. 2001 From this year, FISA specializes in organizing professional technical fairs oriented to the most representative industries of the economy. As a result, arise: Edifica, Vinitech Latinoamérica, Agrotech, Expovivienda, Ambiental, Expo Hospital, among others 1998 FISA begins to mark its presence in regions with the first version of Exponaval in Valparaiso. 1990 The first version of EXPOMIN takes place, a mining fair that has grown to become the largest of its kind in Latin America and one of the largest worldwide. 1962 FISA, subsidiary of SNA, makes its first International Fair of Santiago, recognized worldwide. Its latest version was carried out in 1998 due to a gradual change in economic conditions of the country. 1869 The National Society of Agriculture started an annual exhibition of agriculture, livestock and industrial machinery, incorporating the participation of other countries in this fair exhibition. This fair, called Animal Fair, evolves as General Fair.

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