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Lantern Festival Chile: The world’s largest festival of lights comes to Santiago this December 23rd

Tuesday 6 de December del 2022

The Chinese cultural show will fill with joy and colors the Family Park of Quinta Normal, being a celebration meeting, with music, gastronomy and shows for the whole family. The International Festival of Lights of China, Lantern Festival, will arrive at the Parque de la Familia, commune of Quinta Normal, Santiago, presenting a new panorama for the whole family. The show will be held for three months, between December 23 and March 26, commemorating 52 years of relationship between China and Chile, in 2022. The festival will present a journey through the roads of the Chinese provinces highlighting their treasures, history, folklore and their oriental culinary traditions, being an exhibition classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The cultural exhibition will surprise thousands of people, who will be able to see one of the largest oriental shows in the world. It will be an ideal tour for adults, young people and children, who will be able to marvel at the giant monumental sculptures that will be illuminated during the night. More than 30 luminous structures, some of them over 12 meters high, will pay homage to China, with objects and replicas that promote its culture and history, presenting more than one million lights that combine shapes, colors, music and art, giving life to the new version of Lantern Festival. The sculptures that visitors to the Lantern Festival will be able to appreciate are built by 41 artisans from China, who combine three-dimensional figures that are mounted on steel structures, modeled by wires, covered by colorful hand-painted silks, with lights inside that give shape to animals, flowers, mythological beings and scenes of Chinese culture. Among the millenary Chinese figures are dragons, lotus flowers, cranes, boats, magic trees, tea cups, deer, as well as a Christmas-themed display. The festival of lights and lanterns was born more than two thousand years ago in Zigong, in the Chinese province of Sichuan, and is a tradition that has traveled the planet and comes to illuminate South America with a festival that will fill Chilean families with joy and light. In the staging of this cultural show will highlight: Dragon Gate: This figure represents a monument to China’s hard work, wisdom and courage, as well as representing the soul of the country and a good omen. Aisle of hand-painted lanterns: Chinese lanterns are an ancient craft, originating from the Western Han Dynasty, more than 2,100 years ago. They are hung symbolizing reunion in a festive atmosphere. Spring Dance Fan: Fans are utensils initially used in China that have become widespread around the world since the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), especially in Europe. In the exhibition, the set of lights represents and highlights the most beautiful nights of the festival. Emperor of the Palace Lanterns: This exhibition considers a design of the palace lanterns as the central symbol, with artistic decorations and dazzling lights, presenting the heritage and tradition of Chinese culture. The 12 Zodiac symbols: They are the representation of the traditional Chinese animal signs, which include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. In China it is related to devotion to animals. Nowadays, people use the Zodiac to express their wishes for the New Year. Bashu Lantern Paintings: This lantern gallery integrates an elegant landscape to the eyes, representing the green hills of China, its clear waters and the beauty of its cultural scenery. The Monkey King: Also known as Sun Wukonkg, he is one of the most revered and well-known mythological characters in the Asian continent. He appears in movies, video games and cartoons. He can be described as the superhero of antiquity. The figure depicts the Monkey King wearing his unique armor, walking on clouds and in high spirits. Koi swimming among Lotuses: Koi is a popular fish today, known as a “living gem in the water” and a “swimming work of art”, and the lotus is one of the 10 most famous flowers in China, being a source of inspiration for poets and painters. When people see the koi fish swimming peacefully in the crystal clear pond, they feel calm and fascination. The light of thousands of families: The fire dispels the darkness, and the lanterns illuminate the soul in need of comfort. This gigantic red lantern is designed with traditional Chinese elements, and shows the joyful festive atmosphere. It conveys the value of life, respect, concern and gratitude. A Dream Marriage: The romantic scene of a couple joining in marriage is expressed incisively and vividly with this abstract sample. The elegant man, together with the beautiful bride in her white dress and colorful roses make people imagine their own marriage. It will also feature the sculptures Leven Anchors; Magic Cube; Natural Museum; Magic Forest; Deer in the Forest; Ready to Go; and Tripod of 9 Dragons. The exhibition will also have a Christmas theme, where children will be able to see a village of snowmen, multicolored candy, Christmas presents, reindeer, a Christmas post office, and a road to the North Pole, among others. The general manager of FISA, Francisco Sotomayor, said that “Lantern Festival will promote cultural exchange between China and Chile, which opens the opportunity to soak up the history and ancient culture of the Asian country. We invite all families to enjoy original creations and sculptures, which feature technical mastery and a scenography developed by expert artisans and designers from the Asian country”.


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