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Undersecretary of Economy kicks off ENLOCE 2022 in Valparaíso

Tuesday 24 de May del 2022

With national and international guests, the Logistics and Foreign Trade Meeting was launched at the Passenger Terminal of Puerto Valparaíso after 3 years of restrictions due to the pandemic. With the presence of the Undersecretary of Economy, Javiera Petersen; the president of the Logistics Forum of Puerto Valparaíso and general manager of Puerto Valparaíso, Franco Gandolfo, and a large audience, the Logistics and Foreign Trade Meeting, ENLOCE 2022, was inaugurated at the Valparaíso Passenger Terminal, after three years of interruption due to the pandemic. The meeting, organized by the Foro Logístico de Puerto Valparaíso (FOLOVAP) and by Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso, together with the company FISA, summons important national and international guests, among them: Pablo Navarrete, Senior Transport Director of Mercado Libre; Luis Pérez, Business Development Manager, INDRA; Pedro García, international expert in Digital Port Transformation of IDOM (Spain); Miguel Ángel Salido, doctor in Computer Science and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. (Spain); Victor Schoenmakers, former Director of the Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Adriana S. Giret, professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), and José Manuel Pages, AIVP port city expert, among others. Javiera Petersen, Undersecretary of Economy, stated that “for the Ministry of Economy, promoting economic development in a sustainable manner is key, and we understand that logistics and infrastructure must be understood strategically with this in mind. Today there are many industries that have a growth potential in our country and in order to develop them it is necessary to have the appropriate infrastructure. We also know that this has to be in conversation and harmony with the communities, because what lies behind it is the productive development of the regions. This is how we understand a new development model that finds in a synergic way all the economic capacities that today are throughout our country”. The Mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, emphasized that “it is a very good opportunity for the entire local economy, from food services to boutique hotels, from transportation to small entrepreneurs, therefore, the conventions are welcome here at the Passenger Terminal because they are an opportunity for the development of the city”. Franco Gandolfo, president of the Logistics Forum of Puerto Valparaíso and general manager of Puerto Valparaíso, stressed the importance of holding ENLOCE again after the pandemic. “We are very happy because we have had a large attendance, which has shown that this type of meeting which brings together the port logistics community of Valparaíso generates great interest, since they discuss issues of technological innovation, sustainable development, process improvements and also, on this occasion, of the port-city relationship, seeking the best practices and looking for how we can incorporate them”. Likewise, “it shows how Valparaiso has a magnet and potential that offers port activity and efficient and competitive logistics, but also a space, such as the Passenger Terminal, to bring together the community and develop another driving force of the city, such as convention tourism. We are very happy to resume this seventh version of ENLOCE after a three-year recess. We see that there is a lot of potential and we are very happy about this”. FISA’s general manager, Francisco Sotomayor, added that “we are happy to hold this new version of Enloce, which has a very special connotation: to reconnect the entire value chain of the logistics and foreign trade world in the same place, in the port of Valparaíso. In addition to this collaborative work with EPV, we are bringing two fairs and congresses of international renown to this same place: Trans Port in September this year and Expo Naval from November 29 to December 2, contributing between both events an income of around 7 million dollars for Valparaíso and its surroundings”. ENLOCE is the largest meeting of the country’s port logistics industry of products and services, its greatest value being to be able to share the industry’s technological advances, and to address the challenges and new demands of international markets. It also makes it possible to evaluate the opportunities offered by international trade in Chile and to strengthen relations between different actors in the industry, among other benefits. Program In this version, it will have 6 seminars (or blocks) spread over the two days, where relevant topics for the industry will be addressed: “Logistics 4.0”, “Innovation and digital transformation for a more competitive foreign trade”, “Technologies for change”, “Intelligent ports”, “Relationship city port”, and “Energy efficiency in the industry-baseline and building a future agenda”. It should be noted that the Passenger Terminal will soon host Exponaval 2022, which will allow it to consolidate its role as a meeting place in Valparaiso, and as an enhancer of an outstanding activity of the city, such as tourism.


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